What Garden Tools Should Every Gardener Have?

This is it. This is the year you’ll have that lush garden you always dreamed of. Spring is here and you’re ready to have the prettiest garden on the block. Well, now that you have the motivation, you just need to get the right tools and equipment.

Don't forget your garden gloves!

It’s true, you may break a nail or get a splinter while toiling in your garden, so it’s highly recommended to get yourself a good pair of gloves. Make sure they aren’t too bulky and that the pair(s) you get fit properly and allow you to still grip the plant or tool you need. Some gloves cover your wrists which is a good idea as well.

A hori hori is a great garden tool

A tool gaining popularity in the United States is the Hori Hori. Hori is Japanese for “dig” and this knife does that...and more. This knife is often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of garden tools because it can do so many helpful things! There are many different types of these knives but they all pretty much look the same—like a cross between a trowel, a saw, and a knife.

There are many different types of pruning shears

There are hand-held pruners or long-handled pruners and both are handy to have. Pruning shears allow for a clean cut to your shrubs or plants, which not only has a visual appeal but also gives the plants an easier recovery process.

A trowel is the little shovel with a pointy end

This mini-sized pointy shovel is great for digging small holes, busting up roots, and removing weeds. Be sure to invest in a decent one because you don’t want to be mid-dig when your handle breaks off!

Always have a good shovel on hand when gardening!

Your back will thank you since this allows for more heavy-duty digging while standing up. This isn’t something you need to splurge on, but you’ll know the difference between a cheap one and a quality one.

For leaves or grass, keep a rake handy!

There are a variety of these including little hand-held ones. Rakes can come with adjustable handles and also with plastic or steel tines. You’ll need to know what kind of raking you're doing before you just plop it into your garden and start pulling. This tool is a gardening must, but be sure you don’t tear up delicate plants and flowers with a massive rake. We recommend a basic leaf rake to get you started!

Invest in a garden hose

Unless you live in utopia, you can’t depend on rain as the only water source for your garden; you’ll want to invest in a hose that reaches every square inch of your garden. There are different thicknesses and materials on the market, ranging from “it does the job” to “this was money well spent.” Along with your hose, you’ll want to be sure to have an adjustable nozzle. Too much pressure on your plants could be deadly to be gentle!

Hose-end sprayers are super convenient - this one's from Amazon.

This nifty piece of equipment is perfect for spraying liquid products (mixed with water) to your garden. If this is something you plan on investing in, it is important that you get one that has selectable mixing ratios so you can use with all types of liquid products.

Wheelbarrows are great for hauling

Ideally, you should have a wheelbarrow to hold and easily transport almost all of your gardening needs, but if you aren’t able to get that right now, a handy-dandy bucket with handles that you can carry is just fine.

Keep yourself protected while working in your garden!

Along the same lines as gloves, be sure to protect yourself while you’re sprucing up your garden! This includes wearing a hat, sunscreen, long-sleeved shirt, pants, proper shoes, and even knee pads of some sort. Unless you’re doing simple watering, open-toed shoes like sandals aren’t recommended. You could get sunburned feet and miscellaneous cuts that make sure you are protected from your head to your toes! Knee pads will simply offer better protection while you’re pruning, weeding, and digging around.

One last thing on your list of protection should be water. Just like plants, humans require a good amount of water so we do not become dehydrated and perform poorly. Drinking water is one of the most overlooked and forgotten about things when working outside on a hot day.

Well, those are the basics! Your tool shed is no longer empty and you have the essential items needed to keep your garden (and yard) looking immaculate! Of course, there are many other gardening tools and equipment you can buy—and they all are beneficial at some point in time—but with this starter kit, you should have no problem keepin’ up with whatever pops up!